Making Sobriety Sexy

Making Sobriety Sexy

A couple months ago, I went online to look for a “Sober Is Sexy” T-Shirt. I have always loved how #soberissexy is used on Instagram by my fellow sober brothers and sisters. I hate the stigma that surrounds ex-drug addicts and I personally think it’s bad-ass to now be thirteen years sober from meth. I think it should be marketed as a lifestyle that is hip, sexy and desirable. So why did I have such a hard time that day finding “Sober Is Sexy” T-Shirts that were actually hip, sexy and desirable? It frustrated me. So I had an idea.

If I can't find a Sober Is Sexy T Shirt that I actually like, why can't I just make one?  Well, one design quickly became two.  I am so in love with these designs.  But I wanted to wear them out and about before putting them in the shop.  I wanted to see what the response was first hand.

Ya'll, I can't begin to tell you how many random strangers on the street would comment on these shirts. People really appreciate the sentiment!  And both designs seemed to elicit the same enthusiastic reaction.  It made me realize that there is actually a need for sober related apparel and accessories that express our pride in sobriety and also represent the lifestyle in a way where people can understand how desirable it is.  

If you are sober as well, I want you to be proud of your journey.  Do not spend your time regretting a past of wrong decisions, but like the phoenix rising, capture a vision of your future and make it happen.  This is why the phoenix is included in the Vintage Rock design.

Sobriety changed my life.  Maybe it changed yours too.  Maybe you see someone else who is on this journey and you're cheering them on.  And maybe with these two Sober Is Sexy T-Shirt designs, you feel like the bad-ass you are for taking control of your vices, surrendering to a higher power and allowing a beautiful rebirth to take place in your life.  Sober is definitely sexy.

If you wanna check out the 80s vintage rock design, go here.

If you wanna check out the Cali Retro design, go here.


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