Music is not to hear, it is to feel.

"A lyric that says everything you cannot say. A melody that takes you to the right space. A show you wish would never end. That's what I perpetually strive to do every year that I am blessed with life on this beautiful planet." - Levi Kreis


The Double Live Album is Here!

I am not an artist who can go back and listen to his own music. After years of recording and touring, I am aware that something special happens in a live show that I’ve yet to capture in a studio recording. But when I heard that the sound guy at Act 2 Stages in Puerto Vallarta had recorded an evening of my show, I listened back in hopes that something special would emerge.

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The Rest Of Our Forever

This is a beautiful love story between Aaron and Tyler. Aaron and I conspired to give Tyler the best Valentines Day gift ever! I love blogging about the process of writing original songs inspired by people's intimate relationships and how I go about creating it from the ground up. But the most fun for me is to hear back from the client as to how they surprised their loved one with it.

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Making Sobriety Sexy

A couple months ago, I went online to look for a “Sober Is Sexy” T-Shirt. I have always loved how #soberissexy is used on Instagram by my fellow sober brothers and sisters. I hate the stigma that surrounds ex-drug addicts and I personally think it’s bad-ass to now be thirteen years sober from meth. I think it should be marketed as a lifestyle that is hip, sexy and desirable. So why did I have such a hard time that day finding “Sober Is Sexy” T-Shirts that were actually hip, sexy and desirable? It frustrated me. So I had an idea.

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Levi is one of those rare finds. He's an incredibly talented actor and Tony-award winner; he's an amazing songwriter whose songs have touched my soul and inspired me in many ways; he's deeply spiritual and very down-to-earth. Seeing him perform live is an absolute thrill! I've seen several shows over the past few years, and it seems each time (even the same show) I see him perform, I'm getting something new from him. His energy is off-the-charts boundless, and when you meet him after a show? He makes you feel as if you're the only person in the room with him.I first learned of Levi by watching him on a TV reality show in 2005 when One of the Ones was released. I've been a fan ever since. When the chance came for me to support his artistry by commissioning a song, I leaped at the chance and couldn't have been happier with the end result.

Jim LaVeck

I've been a Levi Kreis fan for over 20 years, going back to guerilla marketing and photocopying flyers at Kinko's! This amazing man has only gotten better and more profound as the years have passed. When I post that I am at Church...I truly am. I highly recommend watching, listening and learning from Levi!

Yvonne Balderrama

Levi's music speaks to your heart. He manages to construct songs that are tuneful and meaningful at the same time. Whether you want dance (Imagine Paradise), something relationship oriented (Liberated), or songs with a little more soul (Bad Habit), Levi covers it all. He sings to the truth of our lives and it doesn't get any better than that!

Thom Goff

I've known Levi since the beginning of his career and his music, his amazing songwriting and the power of his voice has remained an example of the finest artistry it has been my pleasure to experience. Couple that with the ability to grow and change as his career has flourished over more than a decade and that, for me, is the measure of a true artist. Something about Levi that has nothing to do with music is his absolute authenticity---I think that is something that makes him incredibly unique in today's music world. Whenever you listen to his music or see him perform, he takes you on a journey that touches your heart and brings laughter and joy. He's the real deal.

John Kibler

Levi Kreis is a master at creating lyrics that reflect the feelings and concerns of contemporary society! Levi’s gorgeous, passionately soulful voice, his welcoming warmth, his captivating storytelling abilities, coupled with his very endearing comedic tone, make for unforgettable, ultra-special entertainment!I cannot think of another artist who surpasses Levi Kreis in musical ability, vocal giftedness, humility, and compassionate respect and gratitude for others. If you enjoy Amos Lee, Jim Croce, Billy Joel, Andrae Crouch, Tracy Chapman, Mary Chapin Carpenter, then you are going to absolutely adore the music of Mr. Levi Kreis! He’s that good!

Robert Murchison

He is very talented with a great voice and an awesome pianist. He performs on stage engaging the audience and is so enjoyable to watch and converse with. He’s a talented actor and is multi faceted with every endeavor. I can’t wait to see him perform again and hope I won’t have to wait too long to see him! A wonderful man who is blessed with so much talent and very handsome as well. Love you Levi!

Christine Conger

Not only is he a fantastic artist and awesome person, he is an inspiration for so many in our community and beyond. Just try any of his albums, you won't be disappointed I assure you.

Tim Stringfield

Yes, I highly recommend Levi Kreis! He is amazing, have seen him live too many times to count, he never disappoints. He is a consummate entertainer, superb vocals, off the hook piano playing, and charisma for days. Whether he singing his own songs or a cover he's made his own, you will be mesmerized - sitting on the edge of your seat. Treat yourself to some of his music until you get the chance to see him live, and never miss that opportunity.

Terri Johnson

I’ve had the privilege to see Levi live many times over the past 15+ years. He’s a fantastic performer and a terrific human being. From onstage in theatrical productions to live concerts to online performances, you will never be disappointed. He will excite your soul and you’ll walk away a better person for sharing in his talent!I can’t wait for the next time I can see him perform live. The last time I traveled to L.A. in December to see him, and it’s already been far too long!You will love Levi. Get ready to be uplifted and entertained!

Don Riling