New 2021 Lifestyle Items Coming Soon

New 2021 Lifestyle Items Coming Soon

My friends know me as someone who will take a secret to the grave and never tell a soul.  But there is one area I tend to get ahead of myself and that’s when I have exciting developments for my fans.  After all, they are the best community ever and I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance their lifestyle.  While some of these lifestyle items may not be available until later in the year, I am convinced you will find yourself loving them and using them.  So here is a little backstory on how they came to be.

I am so like my grandfather, Lee Roy.  I’m grateful for that.  I may have his stubbornness and rigidity, but I also have his consistency when it comes to a daily spiritual practice.  His daily spiritual practice was a very particular routine.  The old green throw pillow he sat his Bible on to read.  The binder he would make Scripture notes in.  His favorite pen.  The rocking chair that we now call “the prayer chair”.  His daily spiritual practice is a memory my brother and I will never forget and those items are almost sacred to us nowadays. 

I suppose I have gotten rather particular about my daily spiritual practice and the routine that surrounds it.  Over my morning coffee, I have my own spiritual readings to start the day.  Usually it is the Science Of Mind by Ernest Holmes.  I usually read aloud a short passage and then verbally break down it’s deeper meaning and how it applies to me.  I will then light my candle, take a lotus position on my meditation pillow and have twenty minutes of being in Oneness.  Coming out of meditation, I have a journal that is specifically for writing my personal spiritual goals, visions, and gratitudes.  And of course, my favorite pen.

Maybe it is my wiccan past talking here, but the items or instruments that we use for our spiritual practice are sacred.  I believe they should be exclusively for spiritual purposes.  Even the pen that I write in my journal has a specific energy.  These items are exclusively for my personal growth.  Just as that time of day is sacred, just as the practice itself is sacred, so are the tools I use. 

This year, I’ll be sharing my favorite tools with you.  Meditation pillows, a journal, your favorite pen and a set of candles infused with essential oils.  And by the way, I’m loving the spiritual research around the candles - evaluating the magickal properties of each essential oil and choosing the combination with intention.  Soon, I will finalize the products and get them to you.  I think they will help you establish a sacred time of day, a sacred routine that you can commit to.

So, please make sure you are on my email list. I do not want you to miss the release of these new items.  I’ll be excited to hear how you put them to use in your ever-evolving spiritual practice.


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