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  • Making Sobriety Sexy

    A couple months ago, I went online to look for a “Sober Is Sexy” T-Shirt. I have always loved how #soberissexy is used on Instagram by my fellow sober brothers and sisters. I hate the stigma that surrounds ex-drug addicts and I personally think it’s bad-ass to now be thirteen years sober from meth. I think it should be marketed as a lifestyle that is hip, sexy and desirable. So why did I have such a hard time that day finding “Sober Is Sexy” T-Shirts that were actually hip, sexy and desirable? It frustrated me. So I had an idea.

  • The Double Live Concert Album Is Here!

    Let me be honest with you friends. I am not an artist who can go back and listen to his own music. After years of recording and touring, I am aware that something special happens in a live show that I’ve yet to capture in a studio recording. My opinion anyway - you may disagree. But when I heard that the sound guy at Act 2 Stages in Puerto Vallarta had recorded an evening of my show, I listened back in hopes that something special would emerge. I was so pleased with what he captured that I asked him the following year to record an all new show. What transpired was
  • New 2021 Lifestyle Items Coming Soon

    My friends know me as someone who will take a secret to the grave and never tell a soul.  But there is one area I tend to get ahead of myself and t...
  • The Rest Of Our Forever

    Aaron has been a long time fan and supporter of my music.  We got to spend a bit of time together in DC where he was a killer street-teamer, gettin...
  • A Beautiful City

    Out of the ruins and rubble   Out of the smoke   Out of our night of struggle   Can we see a ray of hope?   One pale thin ray reaching for the day ...