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Imagine Paradise

Imagine Paradise

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Be it elegant, funny, unusual, with your pets or selfie-style, take a photo of you with this product, email it to and I will include it here with our fan photo collection!

This is my personal favorite and every song in this collection is a song commissioned by a fan.  I got to sit down with each song commissioner, hear their story and dig deep to find the best musical representation of what they were experiencing.  Since most of the song commissioners represent the LGBTQ community, I wanted to do two things - modernize the musical palette that defined a period of powerful activism for the community (neo-disco), and commit to an intentional message of self-love, self forgiveness, and living without limiting beliefs.  This album is a party of positive thought.  There are songs that will get you through your cardio routine and songs that will take you back to a decade of timeless r&b.  Thank you to Sam Harris who appears on this album!

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