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Where I Belong

Where I Belong

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Be it elegant, funny, unusual, with your pets or selfie-style, take a photo of you with this product, email it to and I will include it here with our fan photo collection! 

This collection was important to my self discovery and development as an artist, hence the title of the album.  I recently took this same musical approach to create my newest work Bad Habit.

I started to discover that my greatest strengths and strongest connections to people are rooted in the gospel influences that so deeply define me.  This is Americana in genre with gospel infused piano riffs - southern soul influenced and accentuated with backup vocals that is as essential to this album as the Raelettes are to Ray Charles.  It is likely that Stained Glass Window is my most loved song.  The song was inspired by a play turned film that I was involved with called Southern Baptist Sissies.  It is a call for real, true unity and understanding that "all the colors, all the beauty, is created because of our differences."  This was also the year that my sobriety finally maintained.  Prayer For The Surrender is actually the third step prayer set to music.  No Apologies is my middle finger to people who judge those of us with southern roots and Gonna Be Alright hit #5 on iheartradio's AC top ten charts.  Nothing At All was featured on the FX's tv show Sons of Anarchy.  This Girl pokes fun of my random girl crushes.  There are a lot of fun songs in this collection that have become a staple of my repertoire.  

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